Aras towel
Aras towel
Promotional towels Aras, a special and unique gift

Promotional towels Aras, a special and unique gift

By رقیه رضوانی | 12/22/2018 |

In today's world of commerce, big companies and organizations need to get more prominent ads to get to know and to stay at the peak.

Promotional products are gifts that present the name of a company to a large extent.

Therefore, the right and clever selection of promotional products play an important role in the survival of the brand name.

Promotional products are intermediaries that will remember the name of your company.

There's definitely a lot of brochures or promotional gifts in your office or desk that have not even been seen once. ‌

We have a unique offer to remember and memorize the brand of our company or organization.

Recall the special joy you have given to your audience by giving beautiful gifts. We have provided these beautiful promotional gifts for your company.

If you are looking to take advantage of the amazing benefits of promotional products, Aras' towel company has provided it for you.

Aras' promotional towels are responsible for identifying and seeing your brand. Promotional gifts of Aras' towels with good quality and good prices will keep your name steady.


Promotional Towel Guide
Promotional Towel Guide


Production of promotional towels

Aras' towel company, having enjoyed half a century of experience in producing types of towels, with unique designs, vibrant colors and excellent quality, thinks about the luster, durability, and survival of your brand.

Aras' towel company offers you the best service for your customers with a wide range of technologies available in the world today.

Using the promotional product of Aras' towel allows you to brand your company or organization among a wide range of people and target groups.

Considering that in the Aras' towel company, a variety of towels are produced in a variety of sizes, designs, and eye-catching colors, you can easily choose the promotional gift you want and order in a variety of ways, so that order in a variety of ways, so that the brand and logo of your company will stick to your designs and colors.

The importance of using promotional towels of Aras

  • Gift towels and promotional towels of Aras' towel company, due to the variety of dimensions, designs, and colors, as well as excellent quality, will provide you with a tasteful taste and make it easier for you.

  • All stages of production with the best raw materials from thread to texture and dyeing, cutting and sewing of Aras' promotional towels are made at the factory owned by the company and in terms of quality, it competes with the best of foreign towels and is also very cost-effective in terms of price.

  • Because of the wide range of users of the towel and the practicality of this product, your gift will always be in the hands of the audience, and your company name is frequently exposed to them, and on the other hand, as a towel is a personal device and will be used repeatedly every day, it will always be seen.

  • Our promotional gifts are functional and will last for a long time and will be used for many years, so your brand name and logo will last longer and your advertising message will always be repeated and will be a special promotion for your brand promotion and, like gifts such as pen and calendar, etc., is not forgotten and is an alternative to other promotional items.

  • Your promotional gift is portable because of its low weight and volume, and it is also used frequently, and in addition to your home and work, it can be a good device to travel, and so it is always exposed to many people.

Effective factors in determining the price of a towel


Logo texture on the towel border
Example of logo texture on the border and text of the towel


1- Raw materials such as the thread type of towel:

Towels thread are spun in different ways, the type of thread can affect the quality of the towels; in a way that some towels have more dewatering properties, and others are more subtle and lighter.

Aras' towel company produces the following towels using different threads:

Thread both side towels (non-velvet loop), both sides of the towel have the same shape.

Velvet towel (velvet loop) is a towel side (head loops) with a velvet machine, cut and velvet.

2- Towel color:

To ensure the sustainability and durability of the towel color and maintain the quality and health and safety of the users, the type of color used in the towel is very effective.

Colors used in Aras' towels are reactive and have a 100% color matching.

3- Towel weight:

The weight of towels is determined by the type of thread used.

You should have observed that some non-quality and lightweight towels have low prices and may be tempting at first glance.

The reason for this type of towels is that it is used in a definite area of the towel, the thread is used less, and, moreover, have less weight and are very low quality, for example, the weight of Aras hands-towels is 185 grams in size 80*40.

With the viewing and handling of Aras' towels, you will notice this difference in terms of weight and, of course, its finesse and beauty.

If you have further guidance in this area, our experts will guide you.


Types of Promotional Towels of Aras company

The towel provides you with a wide range of advertising space to deliver your message in the best possible way. By printing and registering your logo and brand name on the towel, your motto will be repeated steadily.

Types of promotional towels of Aras' company are presented in the best quality and in the following shapes:

Promotional towels with logo texture on the border or towel surface or both


The texture on the promotional towels of Sarmayeh Bank
The texture samples on the text and border of the promotional towels


Design and logo design and brand name are yours most beautifully done by the company's graphic designers.

You will not be charged for the order of over 1000 pieces of towels.

Promotional towels with reactive printing


Reactive printing sample on promotional towels
Reactive printing sample on promotional towels


In this type of towel, your design and logo are printing on a towel.

You can use this option if you want a lot of color variations in your logo and map layout.

Usually printing a logo with a wide variety of colors, for better viewing, is done on white towels.

Promotional towels with embroidery


Embroidery work samples on advertising towels
Embroidery work samples on advertising towels


In this method, your design and logo want to embroider on a towel.

Towel colors can be varied and there is no color limit.

In this way, the design of the logo should not be too large, because, during the use of the towel, the feeling of thread in the embroidery sections may not be desirable on the hands and faces.

If the small design is selected, this flaw will be resolved.

Different dimensions of gift & promotional towels Aras company

Gift wrappers and hands towels in the dimensions 30*30 - 50*30 - 60*30 - 80*40 - 90*45.

This type of towel is very popular in travel and work due to its low volume and practicality and is widely welcomed due to its low price.

For example, if you donate your promotional material to a school for a thousand students, in addition to the sweetness and enjoyment of giving gifts to children, your name will be in the family and the acquaintances of a thousand children and school staff.

Pool towels and sauna in dimensions 140*70 - 140*80 - 150*70 - 150*90 - 160*100.

Another service of Aras' towel company is the supply of towels for use in pools and clubs.

In this type of gift, due to the large size of the towel and your logo will be more prominent and your message will be seen from far and every time it will be used, many people will see it, and these frequent visits to the pool and club will repeat your name.

This type of gift can be distributed to various organizations and companies so that the organization's officials bring your name to you by giving gifts to your employees and workers, in addition to creating a kindness feeling. This gift can be used at various occasions such as women's day, father's day, teacher's day, etc.

Get the great pleasure you receive from giving this gift in addition to presenting your brand; you will not forget.

Hotel towels in sizes 130*70 - 140*80 - 160*100

This type of promotional item is one of the most popular types of gifts that can be easily seen by inserting your logo on a large towel surface, and hotels can be made using soft, delicate, beautiful and hygienic towels in different designs and with excellent quality; in addition to maintaining the health of our customers, the name of the hotel or organization will remain in the minds of many hotel travelers.

Coat and bathrobe towels

This kind of promotional gift is very special and distinctive, which has its own special applications. You can make recipients entertained by giving these gifts.

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